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I was out buying some snacks for a friend at the Marukai Market in Little Tokyo, and I received the following prophetic receipt:

 HAPANERO SNACK Receipt $4.44

I think the message is that if you eat three bags of Tohato brand Habanero Rings, you’ll die. If spicy foods are your weakness, then that might be the cause; however, the general consensus is that they’re not that spicy. One of my friends (James) said, “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are just as spicy – these rings have a bit too much vinegar”. My cousin (Erwin) just thought they “tasted nasty”. Personally, I think they’re decent, but it’s probably because I don’t eat many spicy foods – the spiciness is enough to cover any flaws in the flavor that may be there. In spite of the flaws of the actual product, I still think Habanero-tan is cool, and I’m keeping her as my avatar for now…

The running score? Ralph’s is evil, Burger King is lucky, and Habanero rings are unlucky.