Who would’ve thought that they’d release another patch for Melty Blood Re•ACT, Ver2.0.0.6, so soon! Just some minor fixes it seems; I’m curious to see if the bug that I mentioned earlier is still present.

A while ago, I noticed a bunch of seemingly random signs in Gad Guard.

Hack Me!! (01) sign from Gad Guard Hack Me!! (02) sign from Gad Guard TEXAI (02) and Hack Me!! sign from Gad Guard TEXAI (02) sign from Gad Guard TEXAI and 42t sign from Gad Guard

Now, I have no idea what they mean, but they do appear rather often in the show. The only thing that I can think of, is that the creators of this series are big fans of the .hack series and the state of Texas. Now, I have nothing against either of those two things, but it strikes me as a bit strange.

Although, after thinking about what I actually saw in Gad Guard, maybe it isn’t that strange after all…

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