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I found out that two of the links on the “Songs” page of Real Otaku Heroes weren’t working, so I fixed them (I forgot to upload the files after changning the links) – why don’t people tell me these things?! Chou mukatsuku! You’d think one of the 20 people who actually liked the songs they could download would’ve wanted to hear all of them…

I also found a site with some nice pictures. Of course, while there are nice pictures lurking around the net, there are also odd pictures. Sure it’s a bit odd, but it’s fun trying to ID all of the characters since it only takes a few characteristics; interestingly enough, it would be difficult to ID many characters in anime and games without these characteristics. Animators have long since realized this, but I’m a bit slow at noticing things.

Go take a look at my newest rant for further proof; I’m sure those who know me don’t need any such proof…

Finally, I bring to you, fresh off the presses, the Pic of the Week.