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Again, a new Pic of the Week is up.

I watched The Underworld the other day, and it was pretty decent, but I never really felt like I was watching a Vampire or Werewolf movie. It felt a little too cold and… sterile. This was probably a consequence of so many guns and technology and mostly monochromatic cinematography. It was more of a summmer-type action flick that relied a little too much on the special effects and shooting instead of trying to engage the audience with a good plot or story. While this isn’t such a bad thing for an action flick, in the case of The Underworld, one starts to wonder why you would even need Vampires or Werewolves in the first place.

Maybe the whole point of the movie is that creatures of the dark are simply no match for the true horrors of the technology of modern man.

Or, maybe not…