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I received the following email on July 24: I’ve finally (sorry) sent your K-on goods but it seems to be stuck at a post office in LA. Are you away from your home now? Nonchan from Studio Neko-Han-Ten was able to send a prize I had won in another of his contests (March 7 & […]

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I’m heading up to Sakura-Con this year to see Mitsuishi Kotono ^_^, so if anyone who knows me is going or knows someone who might want to hang out with an oversized kitchen utensil let me know.

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I can’t believe it took me over 8 years to realize it, but I finally noticed that the GTO (Galactic Trade Organization) which replaced the GOTT (Galactic Organization of Trade and Tarriffs) in Kiddy Grade and Kiddy GiRL -AND are obviously parodying the real-life situation where the WTO (World Trade Organization) replaced the GATT (General Agreement on […]

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I posted a few new spatulas for people to peruse while celebrating Thanksgiving. Could there possibly be a better way to celebrate?! Maybe eating pumpkin pie, but I don’t have any, so you’ll have to settle for these. I have a couple more to post, but I’ll do that later.

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It’s funny how I had recently posted about this, and now there’s a Hatsune Miku song about it! Maybe my blog can influence Japan!!! Tabun. (Thanks to TheMysteriousBox for the link.)

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I usually call my shop Needful Things when vending in Ragnarok Online. The other day when I set up shop, someone commented on the name. I’m sure other people have recognized it, but no one actually commented on it before. It was pretty cool.

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     I guess biting people’s ears is a typical sign of affection in Japan. A similar behavior was observed in an earlier post.

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I ran across a curious series of posts about Monsieur LaMoe‘s life with Moe over at Anime Diet – Prelude, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Right from the start, it is clear that there is something surreal going on here: My moetic life. Kiss x Sis is definitely a moetica. Or moerotica. I am a […]

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The CD I won in the contest I mentioned recently came! =D Thanks again to nonchan!

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Lest anyone think I haven’t been doing anything useful lately, I managed to win a copy of Iwao Junko’s Meguriai CD with her autograph in a contest over at Studio Neko-Han-Ten – check out the 3 May 10 and 7 Jun 10 entries on the butsu butsu butsu butsu… page. Hopefully, there won’t be any “mail troubles,” as nonchan […]

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