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Month: June 2006

  • imago

    As usual, I was trying to extrapolate the Japanese identity through a popular subculture when I happened upon the following pic from Keroro Gunsou. This is particularly interesting since the main character of Densha Otoko is a fan of Keroro Gunsou. Given the amount of devotion he has to this series, such subtle messages only…

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  • FanimeCon 2006

    I didn’t decide to go to FanimeCon 2006 until the end of April when Vince said he wanted to go to Fanime. I had a bit of free time, so I said I would go. Unfortunately, the local Eternal Fighter Zero and Melty Blood Re•ACT players were having a gathering that same weekend. I was…

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  • Spatulas

    Tough guys use spatulas…

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  • Ca Ca colo

    Another product that, somehow, seems unappetizing…

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