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When the white cat-like meme from 2chan appeared in Nurse Witch Komugi, it didn’t surprise me too much because of the overwhelming otaku oriented nature of the show. It’s appearance in Tantei Gakuen Q was… curiouser… given the more general audience. The power of 2chan is too great these days…

2chan Cat Meme on Soda Can from Tantei Gakuen Q   The night and liquor Sign from Fighting Beauty Wulong   Dead Drunk Sign from Fate/stay night

I usually don’t go to bars (drinking tends to be a bit pricey), but the names of these two places from Fighting Beauty Wulong and Fate/stay night, respectively, would make me wonder what kind of people frequent such curiously named establishments…

While I search for a strangely named businesses that serve alcohol, peruse the latest spatulas and the mysterious Pic of the Week.