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The first pic on the left comes from Gad Guard and the next one is from Speed Grapher. I’ve mentioned a link between these two series before, but I overlooked the use of “Sunday” so I thought I’d mention it here.

Sunday Sign from Gad Guard   Sunday Sign from Speed Grapher   Weird Dog from Gad Guard   Weird Dog from Paradise Kiss

The third picture is also from Gad Guard, but the fourth is from Paradise Kiss. Given the similarities between these two series, the link between the two seems obvious. Tabun.

Now, the pic below on the left is obviously from Super GALS, but can you guess where the pic on the right is from?

Kotobuki Ran, Tatsuki Kuroi, and Southern Comfort Sign from Super GALS  Southern Comfort Sign from Gad Guard

If you said Gad Guard, you are well on your way to becoming a detective like those kids from Tantei Gakuen Q. I’d give you a gold star as a prize, but that’s too much trouble, so settle for a pat on the back (you’ll have to do that yourself of course). I wonder why I never noticed it before…

While I sort through my modest collection of screencaps, double your pleasure with the latest spatula and the inevitable Pic of the Week.