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The scene of a girl with long, blonde hair and a boy with short, dark hair sitting on a grassy hill with a tree and waiting for the sunrise seems to be common in anime.

Colette Brunel, Llyod Irving, before sunrise from Tales of Symphonia
Wilhelm Schultz, Allison Whittington at sunrise from Allison & Lillia
Pacifica Casull, Shannon Casull at sunrise from Scrapped Princess

Of course, I haven’t seen that many shows so it might just be a coincidence.

2 responses

  1. TReusbucks Avatar

    Haven’t seen that many shows. Right.

    *checks MAL*

    TheSpatula: 1009 series completed.

    BTW the last one the girl doesn’t look like she has blonde hair! Cheater!!!!

  2. The Spatula Avatar

    That doesn’t prove anything! There are plenty of people who’ve seen much more than that. Tabun.

    Pacifica definitely has blonde hair. Google it!

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