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Given the small amount of people who visit this site, I’m always amazed when people actually respond to stuff I post here.

For instance, Brandon and Gregg both emailed me to tell me that they remembered a nail bat from the movie Escape from New York; Gregg said he’d try to get me the DVD sometime so I can take a screencap. Curious…

After that, Sklathill IMed me about my September 1, 2004 news post to tell me that there were “Mister Donut” stores on the east coast. This was immediately followed by Dio who posted a detailed topic in the forum. Curiouser and curiouser…

Finally, Philippe Mattei sent me the following email in response to the previous (September 5) news posting:

Anyway I’m french, and about Ciel’s paper that you transcribed the other day, from the image it obviously looks to be from a book called “Mes dernières années”. What intrigued me was the japanese first names in the text; but using google I found a book called “Mes dernières années”, from a japanese author named Osamu Dazai. A french translation is available, it can be bought from for example.

So I guess this is what Ciel is reading…

I’ve probably bored everyone to death with my musings, but there’ll be more exciting things later!