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One of the sillier notions in anime is the nail bat.

 Kanato holding a Nail Bat from Pugyuru   Nail Bat from Full Metal Panic?! Fumoffu

I don’t know about you, but I had never seen such a thing until I watched anime. The bat is a pretty common weapon in the states, but I don’t recall ever seeing any with nails in them; I could have just missed it, so if anyone can think of any movies with such a thing, let me know. Typically, if there are nails on a bludgeoning instrument, it tends to be a plank of wood broken off of something else. I suppose it implies that Americans wouldn’t go to the trouble of pounding nails into a bat and then use it as a weapon. Are Americans just lazy, or are Japanese simply improving on a weapon of choice?

I worry about these things because no one else wants to…