On Late Night with Conan O’Brian, there’s a segment called Pierre Bernard’s Recliner of Rage, where a “member” of the staff by the same name, sits in a recliner and supposedly verbalizes the latent anger of Americans everywhere. Of course, it’s usually about trivial things like iPod accessories or getting rid of a lame character from Stargate: SG-1; however, on Saturday, June 12th (~1am), he described how he was collecting a “Japanese Anime” called Robotech in VHS format, and he never got to finish collecting it because they stopped making it. Although it was re-released more recently, there are several titles that bear the name Robotech and Macross and that he was confused at the various collections out there; he didn’t want to waste his time and money buying sets that weren’t related to the original story. “Bottom line, America. There should be one definitive collection so I can find out what happened to that town in the bubble.” (It’s not an exact quote; I wish I had a PVR to record it).


Anyway, I installed the update for Melty Blood Re•ACT, and I tested the replay I made with Version 2.000 using Version 2.001. The first round is mostly intact, but it gets stuck in the second round (many of the attacks aren’t reproduced exactly, either); so if you’re using Version 2.001, it seems like the bug would still work.

Yeah, I talk too much; go look at the Pic of the Week.