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I’ve got signal! Yes, I have an actual copy of Melty Blood Re•ACT. Now my collection is complete – I have authentic CDs for QoH ’99, Party’s Breaker, Melty Blood, and Melty Blood Re•ACT.

After a bit of playing, Zefi and I found an error when playing Version 2.000. I was using Arcueid and Zefi was using Len. We both did our 41236+C attacks while in Blood Heat Mode simultaneously; Arc was unscathed, but Len was stuck in the air as you can see below.

Arcueid vs Len Bug

Fortunately, I remembered that it’s easy enough to save replays, so I saved a replay of the match. Keep in mind that it’s for a totally clean install of Version 2.000, so I don’t know if they fixed it yet. Also, if you do get to watch it, just watch the first round, since the other rounds are us sucking it up (we only played it a couple hours). I did see that there’s a new patch that’s up, but I still need to sift through the Melty Blood message board on GameFAQs to see if it’s worth it.

In other news, there’s a website where someone’s collected translated versions of the several of the comics featuring the OS Girls. Useful for those of you who miss the postings of them on 4chan.

Finally, I discovered another spatula lurking in the depths of recent anime.