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I finally finished moving everything, so if you notice anything is broken, please let me know!

In the meantime, I was pondering another difference in American and Japanese culture.

Falling washpan from Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea    Washpan falling on Ranpha from Galaxy Angel TV: Season 3

Instead of an anvil or a potted plant, the most common falling object in anime seems to be a large washpan. I wonder why they use this particular object. I suppose it’s rather ridiculous for such a thing to randomly fall on a person’s head, but this could be true of many household objects. I think it might be because a large washpan can create a particular type of noise (like using a halisen), and it isn’t fatal if one does fall on your head (American cartoon characters tend to be more durable). Of course, it could be common to toss around large washpans in Japan, hoping it lands on someone’s head, thus creating laughs for all…

But enough of my strange rambling, go check out some Melty Blood Re•ACT match videos. They average around 20MB and are in .wmv format. On a related note, a fellow named “kalcaine” has been rather busy working on a faq/guide for Melty Blood Re•ACT.