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Melty Blood Re•ACT is out for those of you who don’t know; everyone else is busy whoring it from torrents. Fortunately, a friend of mine in Japan said he picked up a copy for me; unless he doesn’t make it back to America, I’ll be enjoying new fighting action in about a week. Soon it shall be mine… In the meantime, I’ll study the excellent guide here so I can start the beatdown as soon as it arrives.

In other news, a mysterious reader (thank you) sent in some corrections to several of the character pages in my Queen of Heart ’99 Guide. The Aoi, Ruriko, and Hatsune pages were mostly affected. I’m glad to see people are reading that section…

Finally, I was at Anime Jungle the other day, and I saw a huge figure of Raquel from Scrapped Princess (1/5th scale!). I’m too poor to afford it right now; hopefully, it’ll still be around when I can

Raquel-nee… ;_;