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When I saw the first image on the left in Emma – A Victorian Romance, I immediately thought of Natsumi from Keroro Gunsou since they tend to use a lot of numbers to represent the character names (723). Darn viral marketing…

DRY 723 GIN from Emma - A Victorian Romance   Guys sweeping up petals from Emma - A Victorian Romance   SKYFISH SALT Bag from Eureka seveN   POTATO TRA - PAR SAUCE Bag from Eureka seveN

The second pic to the right amused me because you actually get to see what happens to all of those petals that are scattered around when certain characters appear. The truth is out!

Also, while watching Eureka seveN, I saw the last two pics and wondered what “SKY FISH SALT” or “TRA-PAR SAUCE” potato chips taste like…

While I try to convince people that those chips probably don’t taste like chicken, check out the newest spatulas and the Pics of the Week from last week and this week.