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The other day I received a curious email. Here’s an excerpt from that email.

Hey there! I noticed your website Kitchen Discotheque after searching for spatula anime pictures on google lol

The fact that someone was looking around for spatulas in anime is scary enough, but the sender created an anime club called the SPATULA Anime Club. They even came up with an acronym. I won’t say what it is – look and find out for yourself. Curious…

Tactical Roar may have its faults, but any shortcomings it has are made up for with the following picture.

Fukami Sango holding Drinking Bird Boxes from Tactical Roar

Sango is carrying boxes that contain the well-known “Drinking Bird”, which people use to demonstrate basic thermodynamic principles. Perhaps the animators want to deliver physics in a subtle manner to the masses via a widely accepted form of entertainment. Curiouser and curiouser…

Speaking of subtle, the latest Pic of the Week thought it could escape. It failed!