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As usual, Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokahn, has some curious scenes like the one below.

SA-TA-NTAsan Sign from Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokahn

For those of you rusty on your Japanese, it says “SA-TA-N-TA-SA-N” with the first “TA” crossed out. It reminds me of one of the “Church Lady” skits from Saturday Night Live. The skit was about Santa Claus, and she was wondering why someone would go around giving people presents while the letters of his name were on a board. She rearranged them and said, “Could it be… SATAN?!”

Good times…

I wonder if any of the animators for Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokahn watched that skit…

While I reminisce about the “good ol’ days”, take a look at the spatula that tenkenchild15 got me for my birthday, and the timeless Pic of the Week