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Sometimes, words on a shirt in an anime are seemingly random, but in some cases I wonder if there is something more to it. For example, take the picture below on the left, which is from Daa Daa Daa:

Blue Crew    Blue Crew

Nothing too special; however, I recently saw the same words in Nanaka 6/17. Was it a coincidence, or did the creators want Miyu and Nanaka to be fashionable? I looked around on Google a bit, but most of the matches I get are for crew shirts that are blue. Kuyashii… I’m sure someone out there knows the truth…

In other news, the guys who worked on Eternal Fighter Zero (Tasofro) are working on a new game with another group called Touhou Suimusou.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, my favorite Melty Blood English translation group, Revolve, has translated the manual for Melty Blood.

Finally, I’ve translated a few more comics, so go over to that section if you haven’t looked at it before.