While I admit that I enjoyed a few episodes of M*A*S*H, I spent many late nights as a child lamenting the fact that nothing good was on late in the evening. I blame my parents for not having cable, which led to the eventual damage of my psyche. I was reminded of these sleepness nights as I watched Burst Angel the other week. I spent a significant amount of time wondering how M*A*S*H influenced Burst Angel

MASH Sign from Burst Angel   TOKYO PIZZA Sign from Burst Angel   MOVA, TOKYO PIZZA, TILT, TOKYO EXPO, MASH, WcDonald's Signs from Burst Angel

At the same time, I pondered the significance of “TOKYO PIZZA”, “MOVA”, “TILT”, and “TOKYO EXPO” since they appear a couple times in the series. It could be nothing, but if they are significant, I’d be annoyed for at least a couple days…

WcDonald's, KFG, MOVA, MASH Signs from Burst Angel

For those on the convetion circuit, I’ll be heading up to FanimeCon again this year. I wasn’t invited like last year, so I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing up there; maybe I should write some new Real Otaku Heroes songs. At the very least, I’ll set up my laptop and hope for some random challenges in Queen of Heart ’99, Party’s Breaker, Melty Blood Re·ACT, and Eternal Fighter Zero. This year, I’m hoping 3 people recognize any of the following: Real Otaku Heroes, Kitchen Discotheque, or The Spatula.

That would be cool…

While I hope that someday “spatula” will be a household name, grab some spatulas, tidebreakers, and the often misunderstood Pic of the Week.