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Inconsistent frames in anime appear from time to time, and the first two pics from Peach Girl seemed like the usual slight oversight on the part of the animators. Then I asked myself, “Could an anime of this caliber really make such a simple mistake?” The answer was obviously “no”, so I first theorized that the disappearing heart subtly symbolizes Momo’s feelings. Given the complicated nature of the relationships in this series, it’s necessary to provide hints about the emotions of certain characters to prevent confusion on the part of the viewers.

My second theory is that the different lighting of the scenes caused the heart to either appear in the first picture or disappear in the second picture. I’m still trying to figure out how that could possibly happen…

Adachi Momo with Peach Heart Shirt from Peach Girl   Adachi Momo with Peach Shirt without Heart from Peach Girl   ride a blak bird Sign from Capeta

Speaking of subtle hints, a curious sign appeared in Capeta. “ride a blak bird” first made think of the famous SR-71 Blackbird (one of my favorite planes), but I think it actually refers to the Honda Blackbird since the show is about racing. If the animators really did mean to refer to the supersonic jet, that would be pretty cool…

While I set my clock ahead one hour, take a trip down memory lane with the Pic of the Week.