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The L.A. Marthon is bullying the local area this morning and afternoon. It’s a bit irritating since I have some errands to do in the area…

The creators of Suzuka used quite a few t-shirts with words that provided subtle hints for the show or about the personality of the characters. Going from left to right, Hashiba Miki is certainly a very sweet girl and Hattori Yasunobu is quite the archetype for a skirt chaser.

Hashiba Miki with SUGER BABY Shirt from Suzuka   Hattori Yasunobu with FANATIC Shirt from Suzuka   Akitsuki Yamato with Follow Me Shirt from Suzuka   Asahina Suzuka with MR Shirt from Suzuka

It would probably be bad advice to take the same path as Akitsuki Yamato, given all of the fumbling he does during the show, however, the animators knew directly telling the audience that they shouldn’t follow him, would insult the intelligence of the viewers. Reverse psychology is simplistic, but effective in this case.

The last pic simply means that Suzuka is, in fact, a man.

Another spatula makes its appearance, but don’t let that distract you from the Pic of the Week