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It’s common to see misspelled English words in anime, but sometimes they can’t make up their mind. For instance, in Tenshi na Konamaiki, the text on the shirt of a thug starts out spelled “MASCLE”.


When the point of view changes in this scene, it’s spelled “MUSCLE”. It’s interesting to see that even if certain frames are relatively close together in the time-line, they can still be inconsistent. Of course, it could simply be something that the animators threw in as a treat to obsessive individuals…

Two days ago, NBC Nightly News reported that McDonald’s will no longer “Super Size” any of their combo meals as a response to the latter part of my recent rant. I concede it might be a coincidence, but, at the very least, I’m amused at the timing.

Brandon pointed me to a neat little site with lots of silly pictures – it’s all in Japanese, but a good pic transcends the boundaries of any language.

Finally, I updated the Character Menu section of the Party’s Breaker Guide – it’s just a little bit, but every bit counts, like every person is important, and every heart is not a gentle yet.

If anyone got that last one, I’ll be impressed…