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Even though I’ve seen Birdy the Mighty a few times, I didn’t notice until recently that two of the posters (bottom left) in Senkawa Tsutomu’s room are of Izumi Noa from Patlabor. More specifically, they’re illustrations by Takada Akemi who worked on the TV series. If you didn’t already know, Yuuki Masami is the artist for the manga of both Birdy the Mighty and Patlabor.

Izumi Noa (Patlabor) Poster from Birdy The Mighty   TONAMI Sign from Birdy The Mighty

It’s obvious that “TONAMI” is a spoof on the video game company, but I can’t help but think of Cartoon Network

Before it gets too silly, let’s look at some other pics.

The next three are from Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid. In the first pic, I think that they left out the UC between the F and K on purpose to be more subtle. Nice.

FK 1337 License Plate from Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid   KING ROBERTO SCOTCH from Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid   I help you. Newspaper Ad from Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

Speaking of subtle, it took me a little research to understand why they put “ROBERTO” in the second pic. At first, I thought it was just a random decision, but it bothered me a bit. I found out that the brand’s actual name is “KING ROBERT II”. Those Japanese and their wicked, wicked puns.

The third pic may or may not have any social ramifications – I just happen to find it somewhat amusing…

Amusing or not, one can’t stay cooped up one’s room all day watching anime, so I hitched a ride to Best Buy to see if there were any good deals. Unfortunately for my wallet, I noticed a figure of Raquel-nee in the anime section so I picked that up (it even comes with another figure and a DVD). On the way to the register, I noticed a box with the number “137” on it, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to take a picture of Raquel-nee over 137.

Raquel-nee over 137 at Best Buy

The fine-structured oneesan.

While there, I did some shopping for the regular readers of this site.

Merry Christmas Boxes (x12)

Even though they all have the same boxes, there are different things inside each of them so nobody thinks I’m favoring certain people. Gift giving, Vegas-style. I hope the twelve of you enjoy your gifts.
The giving doesn’t stop there. I have a couple spatulas for you to look at to go along with the Pic of the Week.