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Capeta is a show about racing with music by avex, so I wasn’t surprised to see a cameo of the AE-86 from Initial D followed by its support van. Takumi should hop in a Go Kart and teach Capeta some downhill racing skills…

AE-86 and Project D Support Van Cameo from Capeta   blue bus from Kaleido Star

Kaleido Star takes place in a town called Cape Mary, but I keep thinking it’s in Santa Monica, California. The abundance of palm trees and the location near the water are enough to make me suspicious, but the appearance of a “blue bus” strengthens this belief. The big blue bus has a very distinct look, so it seems very likely that the producers were influenced by the look of Santa Monica when they were creating this show.

So you don’t think that I spend all my time watching anime, I went to the 2005 Japan Expo last weekend. I didn’t originally plan on going, but I got a call from idprism where he said, “Hey, you want a free ticket to go to the Japan Expo?” Never one to pass up a free ticket to a convention, I said “Absolutely!” Now, this wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but the next day I get a call from another friend saying, “I need you to volunteer at the Anime Expo booth! You’ll get a free pass into Japan Expo, we’ll feed you, and it’ll bring everyone closer to world peace!!” Attacking my weak spot by offering me food is kind of a low blow, but I took up the offer anyway. idprism gave the other ticket to someone else, so it all worked out well; although, I hope he doesn’t think I don’t appreciate offers for free tickets…

Exhibit Hall at Japan Expo 2005  Spatula at Japan Expo 2005

It was small and quaint, but it only took me a couple hours on Saturday to see everything that I wanted to really see; eating sake manju (thanks Leland) and taking a pic of a spatula in the wild were the highlights for the day. I spent most of Sunday hanging out at the Anime Expo booth asking people to fill out surveys. Fortunately, most of the people I asked didn’t run off screaming “There is no God!” after seeing me…

I suppose you should probably take a look at the latest spatula, and the nutritional Pic of the Week.