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At first, I thought that the target audience of Fancy Lala was simply that of young girls who were mostly ignorant of older pop-culture, but certain things appeared that made me change my mind.

nter The Dragon Shirt from Fancy Lala   Bruce Lee Picture from Fancy Lala   Das Boot Shirt from Fancy Lala   LUM RAISIN Ice Cream from Fancy Lala

While references to Bruce Lee are common in shoujo manga and anime, I was surprised to see Das Boot. I’m still not sure what relevance such a movie has to the magical girl genre. This is clearly an indicator that I have much to learn about that segment of Japan’s population.

In the final picture on the right, the reference to the fiesty, tiger-striped bikini clad alien from Urusei Yatsura is a bit too obvious for my tastes, but it does look tasty…

Neighboring anime fans insisted upon going to Gaja Okonomiyaki after hearing useful stories about its existence. The chance that I might be able to wield a spatula larger than the ones last time was another factor in my decision to return. I was not disappointed.

Triple Spatulas at Gaja Okonomiyaki

While the big one that I’m holding isn’t quite as large as I would like, it proved its metal in battle. Besides, it’s not the size, it’s…

Before I actually complete that line of thought and bring shame upon all who have ever read this site, take a look at some spatulas, a tidebreaker (generously donated by En-Cu-Kou), and a completely non-unique Pic of the Week.