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As I was watching Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~, I wondered what exactly they were trying to do with that show. It seemed serious enough, but the frequent occurance of strange things threw the mood off. I suppose they really weren’t trying to be that serious given all of the falling pots, wash basins, and abundance of “neko mimi”. When filming equipment starts to show up in the frames, I think that’s a definite indicator of something weird…

Microphone Boom and Hikaru from Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~  Hazuki and Film Equipment from Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~

Speaking of magical girls, the company that “Lala” works for in Fancy Lala is called lyrical production inc. What does this have to do with anything? Well, it makes me think of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. You can see other similarities in that picture I posted before between Miho and Nanoha. I know that Nanoha borrows from a lot of other shows so I wonder if the creator was partly inspired by this.

lyrical production inc. Sign from Fancy Lala   Spatula and other utensils from Fate/hollow ataraxia

Finally, Raven from the World of Eternity forums was playing Fate/hollow ataraxia when he noticed a spatula (lower left) during one of the attacks, proving the offensive capabilities of a certain type of kitchen utensil. Sure there are others there, but they are merely distractions for the real attack…

Okay, enough blabbing… I present the latest spatula and often mentioned Pic of the Week.