I mentioned ARIA The ANIMATION in the previous update to point out a spatula, but I forgot to talk about the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of several of the items in subsequent frames.

Alicia, Spatula, Akari from ARIA The ANIMATION Alicia, No Spatula, Akari from ARIA The ANIMATION Spatula and Akari from ARIA The ANIMATION

I suppose I could point out the differences, but I leave that as an exercise for you to test your observational skills. This is similar to those ads in Newtype (the Japanese one) where they show you the two pictures and if you can find the differences, you are “qualified” to become an animator at their prestigious institution. Such a rigorous test is beyond most Americans, which is probably why it is so difficult for Americans to become animators in Japan.


Pondering such things is stressful, so I think I’ll relax next to the latest tidebreakers while you head on over to the Pic of the Week.