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Normally, the following pic from Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid would go in my Ads in Anime section of my site, but the innocent switching of an “H” to a “B” led to other triv^H^H^H^H deeper thoughts. Out of all the letters in the English alphabet, why choose “B”?

Pizza But Flyer from Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

If I were to create an edgier, more thought-provoking label, I would put, “Pizza, but…”. The animation company would avoid lawsuits, create a humorous sight gag, and set the stage for a lively conversation about what words or phrases might possibly follow “but” in one fell swoop. This could happen because anime watchers love to engage in trivial conversations about trivial ite…

Ah, crap. Nevermind…

Uh… you probably need to see another spatula right now, eh? Also, the newest Pic of the Week probably doesn’t carry any double meanings…