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On Friday, I met up with a couple friends (~22) at a Korean BBQ restaurant because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks for the gifts. Special thanks to Jeremy and Zefi! for letting us crash their place to play a few games.

20051007 Birthday Dinner

While it’s good to have such a large crowd, we had to split up into two long tables, making it impossible for me to talk to everyone there. They probably think that I’m anti-social now…

Speaking of anti-social, in Girls Bravo: Second Season, I never noticed that they have markers that predict the location of characters in a scene. In the pictures below, the kanji for Miharu is on a window, and then a couple seconds later Miharu appears!

Kanji for "Miharu" on Window from Girls Bravo: Second Season    Miharu and Koyomi from Girls Bravo: Second Season

I’ve never seen this happen before, so it’s probably just a mistake… maybe.

I’d better stop rambling now. Mosey on over to the Pic of the Week.