Many of you may not realize it, but 40 years ago on September 25th, a Beatles cartoon was aired on ABC. In celebration of this momentous event that changed the face of anime today, I give you a picture from Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu that shows the level of respect this legendary band has earned all over the world.

Strawberry Filds MENU from Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu

That was a bit… underwhelming.

Speaking of underwhelming, I was watching Pani Poni Dash the other day which is filled with all sorts of weird randomness. I could spend all day talking about the various curiosities in the first episode alone, but the following picture is the sum of all fears.

(-.-) y - ^^^^ Sign from Pani Poni Dash

A constant reminder of the degeneration of our society into keyboard symbols representing various emotional states. It comes as no surprise that we shirk face-to-face contact amongst our peers in lieu of a colder form of communication.

Before I start incoherently rambling, peek at some RPG Cliches to prepare yourself for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and run, don’t walk, to the Pic of the Week, which probably has nothing to do with Beatlemania…