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Some may accuse me of watching too much Shuffle! lately, and my only rebuttal are two pictures from the show. The first is further evidence of the “bad conditions” that animators live under; denying a simple wish for a snack can only spell trouble for companies everywhere. The second pic, “Kaffee klatsch”, underscores the additional need for some R&R amongst the hard working animators – everyone needs a break once in a while to have some social coffee and converse in informal German.

While these two details have straightforward interpretations, the word “kapusaisinn” is still a bit puzzling to me. Is there a sudden need for spicy foods in the Japanese diet? Do Japanese people like to put hot sauce in their coffee? Are they saying that Primula is “Spicy Hot”? It’s a mystery…

Fudge!! Sign from SHUFFLE!  Kaffee klatsch, kapusaisinn Sign from Shuffle!  hello ANIME! Cover

Speaking of mysteries, I received the third picture the other day as part of a PR kit for a new DVD out in America called “Hello Anime!”. It seems curious enough, so go peek at their official website. I’m not sure why they sent me this email, but it’s probably because my reputation precedes me. The email they sent started off with “Hi The Spatula”…

To counter the recent rash of mysteries, I give you the unmysterious Pic of the Week.