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Apparently, TYPE-MOON (the group that made Shingetsutan Tsukihime) is coming out with another game called Fate/staynight on January 30, 2004 (this Friday). You can see the demo here. It looks pretty cool.

Also, it seems like Brandon over at insert credit decided to link to my site because of the parody of the Bud Light – Real American Heroes ads that Vince (also from insert credit) and I made (Real Otaku Heroes). You can get the first one here. I really didn’t think that it would get that much attention since only two people responded to my post over at Of course, Vince’s posts to his various forums gathered 50 times as many responses, which indicates to me that he is better known and more people like him. >.< At least 10 people know my site exists now, so that's cool...