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At first, I thought that Suzuka was a simple romance about a female high jumper, but, like most anime, there are subtle clues that detail the evolution of thought in society. For instance, we can witness the struggle of Japanese animators with English words from episode to episode.

Xyhjulm Sign from Suzuka   Hhhgysk Sign from Suzuka   FANTSDYLAND Ticket from Suzuka   Suzuka wearing TIPST Shirt from Suzuka

Xylem is a difficult word to spell so that comes as no surprise. Their next attempt to spell Hugoesque is a noble effort, but a bit off. They come closer with fantasyland, but their victory is marred by the misspelling in the same frame. Finally, we can see the fruit of their efforts with the word tipst – I have to admit that I never use this word.

English… why must it be so hard?

On June 1, 2004, I mentioned that I would get a giant figure of Raquel – I finally bought it. To get an idea of how large she is, I placed Gunbuster and a can of Crystal Pepsi next to her. I knew she was big, but I didn’t realize she was bigger than one of the biggest robots in anime. I originally wanted to put her on the shelf next to my desk, but she’s way too tall for that.

Gunbuster, Crystal Pepsi, and Raquel


While I find a way to incorporate tipst into normal conversation and think about where to put the giant figure of Raquel (it’s not a doll), I’m sure you’ll have a better time checking out the spatula, which was kindly pointed out by Yan, and the Pic of the Week, donated by Beppy-kun.