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I had saved the top pic from Teizokurei Daydream a while ago because I thought that Suzuran Doori might be an actual place, but I neglected to look anything up on it (neglecting things is the first sign of old age… tabun). I noticed another instance in Suzuka, so I looked around and found a website called Curious…

Suzurandoori Sign from Teizokurei DaydreamSuzurandoori Sign from Suzuka

Sometimes, the fun in watching anime isn’t in an interesting story, cool characters, or nice animation; the real fun is looking for insignificant details that only a handful of people would care about. By making these connections, I feel that much closer to the animators as people, and, in turn, I learn a little about myself in the process.

Yes, I’m scared too…

On a lighter note, there’s another spatula lurking, and I have a riddle for you brainy-types. What do you call an atom that has gained an electron? The answer lies in the multi-faceted Pic of the Week.