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At first, I thought the word “WELL COME” was just a fluke as I noted before, but it seems to be the usual way to spell the common American greeting in Japan. The two examples below, going left to right, are from Speed Grapher and Idol Tenshi Youkoso Yoko.

 WELL COME (03) Sign from Speed Grapher     WELL COME (04) Sign from Idol Tenshi Youkoso Yoko

Some may think that this is simply a common spelling error, but others may think, due to its relatively frequent occurrence, that this could be a way for the government to subvert the growth of English into the Japanese language.

Although, the people in the latter group are probably a little… odd…

Of course, this is of little importance with respect to the latest spatulas and the Pic of the Week that has the sports enthusiast in mind.