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In the relatively normal world of Gakuen Alice, I question the use of the word “Sweat” when describing a consumable item – it seems redriciaus to use that word.

Sweat driciaus Sign from Gakuen Alice

The next thing you know, someone’s going to use that in the name of a drink…

Glen sent me a curious link that uses sprites from Super Mario Brothers in a flash animation to teach physics. It’s amazing what some kids can do these days. Reminds me of when I made a HyperCard presentation in high school about The Odyssey – it rocked.

I also forgot to mention that Robert Broglia figured out the whole TIR_MES1.IMG error, and I updated that page. He said, “You can thank AX and the excruciatingly long wait for the Sakamoto concert for this patch :)”

Before I start thinking up fictional names for drinks and making a HyperCard stack, grab the latest spatulas and the driciaus Pic of the Week.