I’ve been rather busy lately so my regular updates have suffered; hopefully, I’ll be able to update more than once a week in the future.

I haven’t been watching much anime lately, but I did manage to catch a subtle joke by Mint in Galaxy Angel TV: Season 4.

Mint with Serial Box from Galaxy Angel TV: Season 4

Despite her strange cosplay fetish, her sharp wit consistently challenges the humor of her teammates, which, in turn, raises the bar for all space comedies featuring girls searching for Lost Technology.

“Serial” – Breakfast for nerds, food that matters

I probably really didn’t need to rant about AX 2005 this year, but I did anyway. The most disappointing thing about the whole affair was that only one person came up to me and said, “Hey, I know you! I read your website.” Thanks go out to that guy, but it still fell short of my hopes of having five people recognize “The Spatula.” I bet more people would’ve responded to my “Real Otaku Heroes” sign, especially since some of the songs were played on the channel showing the event schedule in the hotel room.

Some of you probably don’t care about the rant, so here’s the usual Pic of the Week.