Gregg was kind enough to donate a pic (below on left) from Rurouni Kenshin of Yahiko biting Sanosuke, providing historical evidence that biting someone’s head is relatively common behavior in Japan. If I ever go to Japan, I’ll be sure to bring a helmet.

 Myoujin Yahiko biting Sagara Sanousuke\'s head from Rurouni Kenshin (TV)    Old McDonald\'s at Paso Robles (donated by Gregg)

Gregg was also “inspired” to take a pic of an old McDonald’s in Paso Robles in response to a previous post. If he starts singing “You’re the meaning in my life…,” I’m outta here.

BlueEyesPikachu wanted to get in on the action by donating the strangely appetizing Pic of the Week.

Before you start to think that I’m too lazy to get pics for myself, I submit another spatula that I found on my own…