Hoping to generate some more interest in doujin gaming at AX2005, I posted a flyer on the front of Real Otaku Heroes. Go take a look over there if you’re interested in meeting up. I’m going to break out the green backpack and have a sign that says “The Spatula.” My goal this time is for 5 (new) people to recognize me and say “Hi.” Ambitious, eh?

While watching ToHeart – Remember my Memories, I believe there was another cameo – Shincho Saori this time.

 Shincho Saori? from ToHeart - Remember my Memories     Shincho Saori

There isn’t any “Shincho Saori” listed in the credits, so I can’t be too sure…

I haven’t had time to watch much anime lately, so you’ll just have to settle for the usual Pic of the Week.