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Once again, we can see the foresight of Japanese animators when they consider their audience. Take for instance the first pic from Midori no Hibi, which heralds a global release of this fine show. It’s a subtle pun on the forsaken Hostess snack, meant to conjure up fond childhood memories for the elder generation, not only in Japan, but all over the world.

 Suzy 9 (Suzy Kyu?) Sign from Midori no Hibi     Justy Phi? Emblem from Ikki Tousen

I almost missed the second pic from Ikki Tousen that references a song by Madonna, but I work hard when watching anime, so even miniscule details like this cannot escape my notice.

While “ranting” typically has a negative connotation, my longer articles tend to end up in that section, so I went ahead and put my Fanime experience there, even though it wasn’t completely terrible. One guy (I don’t want to embarrass him by mentioning his name) saw the “Real Otaku Heroes” sign I had on my backpack and said “Hi,” so that was pretty cool. Thanks for helping me achieve my goal! Next time, maybe two people will say hi…

Most visitors probably didn’t bother reading my long-winded account – they probably just skipped ahead to look at the Pic of the Week.