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Most English in anime seems to be pretty straightforward, but I occasionally run across some text that makes me wonder like in Peach Girl.

mob\'s hair Sign, Okayasu Ryo from Peach Girl

While Ryo may seem like the shady sort, I never would have suspected that he had anything to do with the mob. His hair seems like the typical hair that you would see on a guy who likes to steal girls from his brother, but other than that, I see no obvious connections to organized crime. I think that the animators are trying to subtly warn the Japanese population that they should be wary since certain hairstyles can have more than one connotation. If you’re going to alert the general public, shoujo anime is the way to go.

Of course, it could simply be a coincidence, but they probably just want everyone to think that so they don’t have any “heavies” knocking on their doors…