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In the first picture from Asagiri no Miko, it’s good to see that in Japan they clearly let you know if you’re about to run into an unscrupulous individual at the arcade. Game conners must be a large problem in arcades over there for them to put up such a sign.

 GAME CONNER, FIGHTING FIGHTER Signs from Asagiri no Miko     Punctual Sign from Da Capo

The second pic from Da Capo didn’t really register at first, but after a bit of thought, I realized that a lot of school girls in anime tend to be late, so it only makes sense that there are two school girls waiting to purchase the ability to be on time.

I wonder how much that costs…

I can’t recall where I found the following link to the iitran Translation Group, but there are some interesting links and pics on that page related to Habanero-tan.