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Normally, the following pic from Ah! My Goddess (TV) would end up in the Pic of the Week section, but there are a few things to talk about, so I put it here.

13, EISCREME, Recovery Water from Ah! My Goddess (TV)

Starting from the left, we have the usual reveral of digits, and we can barely make out the slogan underneath. Moving right along, the alternate spelling of ice cream is pretty cool. Finally, we see that the English translation of the Japanese word “Pocari Sweat” is “Recovery Wat[er]” (I’m guessing “er” is covered up). Of course, it could be a conspiracy to confuse English speakers who watch anime and wonder what “Pocari Sweat” means thus destroying any hope of properly learning the Japanese language.

Damn conspiracies…

Speaking of conspiracies, BlueEyesPikachu sent me a screen cap of a tide breaker he saw in School Rumble. First spatulas, then tidebreakers; that show has it all…

idprism sent me a curious link about bunny suicides, and the usual browsing on ER turned up a link to more Melty Blood: Act Cadenza videos.

Enough stalling; go take a look at the Pic of the Week.