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It seems like all the hooplah about Real Otaku Heroes has died down, so I can go back to making my 14 regular visitors go “WTF?! BBQ?!” without having to worry about paying extra for excessive bandwidth usage.

As I was sorting my recent screen caps, I thought it was neat that the animators in Rozen Maiden included the ever popular Tohato brand habanero rings as part of the assorted snacks. It’s probably because Suiseiseki is “Spicy Hot”…

Suiseiseki and Tohato brand habanero rings from Rozen Maiden

I was also talking to a friend the other day who was kind enough to point me to a website where some guy collects clips from Saturday Night Live. There isn’t a lot there, but he receives top marks for having many of the Celebrity Jeopardy segments. If you haven’t seen them yet, go, go, go!!!

Go take a look at the Pic of the Week while I watch those clips…