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As I’ve mentioned before, I think it’s fun to look for actual formulas in anime. In Aishiteruze Baby, there’s quite a bit of detail about classical mechanics. The top left picture shows the usual kinematic equations. You can’t really read the text in the top right picture, but the graph on the left is probably a graph of v versus t and the one on the right is its derivative (constant negative acceleration).

  Kinematic Equations from Aishiteruze Baby  v vs. t & a vs. t graphs from Aishiteruze Baby

Acceleration Explanation in Textbook from Aishiteruze Baby  Acceleration Explanation (2) in Textbook from Aishiteruze Baby

In the bottom left picture, we can see the typical multiflash photograph of two falling objects accelerating. It seems like two similar spheres are used, but they usually use two different objects (e.g., an apple and a feather). The last picture is the same as the one above it.

I like Aishiteruze Baby, but I have to admit that the quality of animation is a bit below average. It surprised me to see such things in a kid’s show. I suppose it’s easier to just completely copy stuff than make it up. We can see this by the repeated occurance of certain vending machines. My alternate theory is that they are secretly trying to raise the mathematical abilities of their children through subtle instances in their anime…

I realize that most people don’t want to think about physics while watching anime, so I’ll give you something easier to think about. Here’s a simple flash game that Glen pointed out to me. Also, if you haven’t seen Radiant Silvergun before, there’s a nifty video with a guy showing off his 1337 ninja ski11z.

I need to play that again sometime…