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If people haven’t already stopped visiting my site after seeing the weird stuff that comes up here, then I shall deliver the finishing blow.

I usually try to have a related theme in all of my posts, but sometimes it’s good to just throw out a bunch of random pics that aren’t related to anything (it has nothing to do with the fact that I couldn’t come up with anything good recently – nope, not that at all). The first one on the left, from Genshiken, is probably an indicator of a weakening economy in Japan – i‘s are expensive to import from America.

 CASHER Sign from Genshiken   Kacca Sign from Wolf\'s Rain   paradice from hell Sign from Spiral

The middle picture, from Wolf’s Rain, has a sign that sounds a bit unappetizing for a place that sells food. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry, I’m just being silly.

Finally, if I ever saw an overhang like the one above from Spiral, I’d be tempted to go inside and look around, wouldn’t you?

Hmmm… I think I just lost half of my readers…