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Two people, Vince and Lupin_IV, told me the other day that “The number 0.01720209895 is the Gaussian gravitational constant represented by k. The dimensions of k^2 are those of Newton’s constant of gravitation: L^3*M*T^2”. Now I know, and knowing is… good? I’d reward them by giving them some of my gmail invites, but they both already have gmail…

All this talk of numbers reminded me of two numbers from DNA². The first picture reminds me of the all-girl fighting game Asuka 120%. I never thought about it much before, but, in America, trying really hard is usually denoted by giving 110%. Is using 120% a subtle way for the Japanese to improve upon/one-up Americans?

 Karin at 120% Monitor from DNA^2   03-3666-9999 Telephone Number from DNA^2

The second picture seems like just a random phone number, but is anything really random in anime? I wonder if anyone in Japan tried to call this number. If I were in Japan, I might consider going to a pay phone and dialing it just for the hell of it; although, it’s probably one of those fake 555-type numbers that they use in American movies. Not that I actually tried calling numbers from movies before…

While I resist the urge to make an international call, check out the newest spatula.