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I thought the following pic from Kurau: Phantom Memory was neat since it’s a sight I’ve seen before.

 1 S pu v d B LAX Apt Freeway Sign from Kurau: Phantom Memory

I never would’ve imagined that some parts of California were so offensive to Japan that they had to be censored. While San Diego and other cities are clearly labled on the map from the previous post, the animators took special efforts to erase the identity of this section of Los Angeles. Of course, Kurau takes place in the future, so maybe the producers anticipate that natives of the area will purge these names from the signs as a means of self-censorship.

I think they know something we don’t…

Now, before you think I’ve posted too many items from Kurau, I might be vindicated if you take a look at the latest spatula and the highly anticipated Pic of the Week