If you’ve been regularly reading these updates, seeing a sign on a building in Gad Guard, like the one on the left, should come as no surprise – random English phrases seem to be the norm in that series. I was surprised when I was watching Kurau: Phantom Memory and I noticed a variation of the same sign during the opening credits.

 SPEED THE WAN Sign from Gad Guard     SPEED WAN THE from Kurau: Phantom Memory

Now, the first thing that makes me wonder is if the last word on the left picture is supposed to say WAR, WAN, MAR, or MAN – my gut tells me it says WAN. I don’t have any fonts in my computer similar to those, so I couldn’t check directly. I suppose all of those could make sense, but it’s hard to speculate on the intent of the phrase when I’m not exactly clear on the word being used.

After coming to that dead end, I did a bit of research on the staff who worked on both of these series, but I couldn’t find any people who worked on both of these series. Of course, the information I found was hardly complete, so there’s still a possibility of a connection there.

While I ponder these curiosities, go check out the newest tidebreaker.